You Asked, But Did You Knock

Sep 17, 2021

In our current series, we are discussing Asking, Seeking, and Knocking according to Matthew 7. We got to chat about how we tend to ask God, and we continue to ask for the same thing. Consider the process we go through when we request something from a friend. First, we call them up and ask. They tell us yes, then we enter the seeking stage. Seeking may be as simple as coordinating a time to pick up what they already told us we could have. After that, we go over to their house at a designated time and knock on the door. We already know they’re home, because they told us they would be there.


When we pray to God, we ask with ease, knowing his promises are yes and amen! We may even go as far as to know when we can get what was promised. We never actually go to the door and knock! We go back to asking. We want God to give us what we ask for, but we never actually go pick it up. In this age of Amazon, we look for everything to be delivered to us. With God, since everything belongs to Him, it is just out on loan. When you’re having to borrow something, the person you request it from typically isn’t asked to go out of their way to bring it to you!


Since we didn’t receive what we asked for, we go back to asking instead of proceeding to seeking or knocking? No! We find multiple ways to contact the giver. We may ring the doorbell, send a text, physically knock on the door, shoot them a DM, or FaceTime them. We try in many ways to get their attention at the appointed time to receive what we were already told we could use.


As children, you might have had a special knock when you arrived home. Smaller children who aren’t responsible enough for keys may have a knock. If you hear someone knock and you aren’t expecting them, you may be laxer about going to the door. You also may not go to the door at all. My four children had a special knock so that when they came home, I knew it was them. I would immediately rush to open the door. Their special knock let me know who it was, and I didn’t want to miss them. I never wanted them to think I wasn’t there or that I would leave them outside. I was expecting them. God is expecting you! Are you knocking?


Giving God praise and worship, thanking Him for what He has done, fasting and the like are all ways to knock. Other ways to knock might include making sure you have used the last thing He gave you well. You might make use of the gifts you’ve been given that you never had to ask for. Teaching others how to approach God is another way to knock. When is the last time you spoke to God about how He likes to hear from you?


This week, I encourage you to talk to God about your special knock. The knock so that He knows you’ve arrived to receive what He promised.

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