Vision Comprehension

Sep 27, 2021

In a recent episode of 15, we talked about how in Habbakuk 2:2-3 God talks about making the vision plain to the requester. It goes on to say the reason is so that people who read it can run with it. And as we discussed people leaving churches and how that is ok, I considered what it means to be able to read.


I looked it up and to be able to say someone can read, you need to deem them competent in word recognition, comprehension, and fluency while being motivated to improve in those areas. We check multiple times over a child’s educational years to make sure they are becoming better readers. We test them as well and it made me wonder what it would be like if there were a test before you could join a church?


Not a Bible test or financial test, but a test of vision comprehension. Since God gave the vision, you’re reading His words, and if you belong to that house, the language of their vision is one you can read, so you’d be able to understand it coming in.


So many people come into ministries with an expectation of what to receive, but with no giving posture. Belonging to a ministry means you’re there to have a relationship, to receive, and also to give. The ways in which God has equipped you to give are in the vision of that ministry because God wrote it. The vision should speak to you, and in it tell you what you’re receiving, but also inspire you to give of yourself like each leader is.


When is the last time you read a church’s vision statement or mission?


In those words, you’ll find key information about what that ministry is established to do. In our church, Kingdom Builders International Movement for Christ, we teach five-fold ministry. Our mandate is to make sure that people know who they are in the body of Christ (even if they aren’t part of our church) and have the tools and resources to do so. We teach, train, equip, and send. As part of that, we started the Kingdom Builders Bible Institute where people can engage in virtual learning, clinics, boot camps, and the like. We want everyone to have the information needed to flow in Team ministry, and we make it accessible to all. You can see more about KBBI and the courses we’re offering this semester here.


When people join our ministry, we let them know what we do, and we ask them to search their hearts for if this is where God wants them to be. We want people to know what we do and how they can help. We also want them to know how they can rely on us and hold us to the promise in our vision. If the vision doesn’t make sense to you, how can you possibly partner with a ministry?


I encourage all leaders to take a good look at their vision and mission statement today. Make sure you’re remaining true to what God has called you to do. Partners and members? Read the vision statement and see where you fit in! What do you bring to the ministry God has sent you to that will help bring the vision to pass? The vision statement for the ministry you belong to is written in a language your spirit understands. See yourself in the vision and take action!

The Kingdom is Now!

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