The Power of Prayer

Sep 24, 2021

The Power of Prayer


Many times, we look at our prayer lives like a task, instead of an intimate act. We take for granted the opportunity to have conversations with God. Prayer is a powerful event, and we use it as a tool. Tools are put away when no longer needed. Prayer is useable in all situations, and it would benefit us more if we allowed it to take a more central role in our relationship with God. In my book: "If There Is No Power, There Is No Prayer" we take a look at how our relationship to prayer impacts the effectiveness of our work in the body of Christ. Do you have your copy?.


The formality of prayer made God unreachable to many. When I first started teaching my children to pray, I told them to view it as a conversation. With a simple outline, you can master communication with God (and really with people as well). Here is what I gave them:


  1. Acknowledgment: Who are you talking to? Effectively, “Father God, in the name of Jesus” works well, because we know that anything we ask in Jesus’ name is given to us!
  2. Praise: This is why you’re talking to God. Who is he to you? In general conversation, this is the part where you inquire about how the person is doing, how their day is. You may even tell them how you appreciate their role in your life.
  3. Clear the Air: Since we sin in thought, word, and deed, it’s a great practice to ask God for forgiveness for what you know you’ve done and even the things you don’t yet realize. Since God is communicative, you can even ask him what you did, and He will reveal it to you! Conversations are far more effective if the elephant in the room has been addressed.
  4. The Why: What is the purpose of this particular prayer? Contrary to popular belief, you can simply pray to check in and let God know you appreciate Him! If that’s not the goal, talk about what is. Is it healing? Is it freedom? Is it spiritual gifts? Breakthrough? Let God know what you need. Use your scriptures to build yourself up and to remind yourself that God has thought of everything you might need and has created a way for you to have it! The Bible is another way God converses with us, so when we’re able to reference conversations in a variety of ways, it builds the conversational intimacy.
  5. The instruction: This part can happen at any time and multiple times! It’s the part where God says “Yes! You can have it!” and then tells you what you need to do to manifest it into your life. A lot of times, since people use prayer as a “Get Out of Jail Free” card, they say amen after the request. Wait for the instructions! There’s no need to ask if you’re not ready to take the steps you need to in order to receive the promise or the gift.
  6. Doing Amen: Amen means “It is so”. We love to say amen in church, after prayer, etc. In order for something to be so, there is work that we must commit to! The tiny step a lot of us miss is in the instruction we never wait to hear; then we go back and ask again, rinsing and repeating, when what we need are instructions.
  7. Receiving: No elaboration needed. What you asked, you now have. As above, so below!


This coming October, we’re going to be having a virtual event called 31 Days of Prayer. In this event, you will get to hear multiple Intercessors partake in many types of prayer. It’ll be hosted by Apostle Janice Wilson, and we are excited to see what God is going to do! We hope you join us on Zoom!


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What’s your prayer outline?

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