The Mark of Obedience

Oct 21, 2021

On my show, 15, we discussed Abraham and his obedience. I was talking to my family about it and started thinking about what obedience is. We look at it like it’s doing exactly what is asked of us, but I wanted to take a closer look at what obedience truly looks like.


The dictionary defines obedience (noun) as “compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another's authority.” So I said ok, what is compliance? Compliance (noun) is defined as “the action or fact of complying with a wish or command.”. So what does comply mean? Comply is a verb that means “act in accordance with a wish or command.”


When we look at obedience, we immediately jump into it as doing what is told without question. That’s really only part of what is required to obey. While obedience is to comply, compliance is action. You have to not only do, but you also have to BE. Acting in accordance with a wish requires more than just physical activity, it may require emotional, mental, financial, or spiritual action. Most times, it takes a combination.


Take, for instance, my yearly conference, Megavision. God told me to do a few specific things for next year. He required me to bring in certain people and expand the reach to impact the body. In order to truly obey, I couldn’t simply do. To be able to *act* in accordance, I had to understand. In many cases, we think that understanding requires God to explain things to us. It doesn’t. Understanding requires a mindset shift. I had to start seeing Megavision through God’s lens. What does He want it to be? What is required? What is the end goal, why He is asking me to do it this way? Once I started seeing it that way, it was easy to move forward in accordance with His instructions, because I had turned my mind, heart, and spirit fully in the direction of His vision. And guess what? That works every time!


I was able to physically get the conference moving in the right direction, because the entirety of my being was on board with God’s plan, no matter what it might be! I can see what God wants to do and my team can as well. When that happens, doors you didn’t think could open, do. God shows us exponential favor every day with the curation of this powerful weekend because our obedience isn’t blind. We are choosing to manifest His vision for Megavision in the Earth!


Let’s take some time to think this coming weekend. Sometimes when God gives us instructions, we give up or think we misheard because it’s difficult to accomplish. It may seem like everything is hard and you’re constantly pressing to get it done. Maybe that’s not what’s wrong. Maybe there’s an area that needs an obedience check. Take a look and see if there’s obedience in your thoughts toward the matter. Check your heart for fear or anxiety, make sure you’re committing time to what He asked that is geared toward fruit and execution of His vision. See if there’s emotional trauma preventing you from fully trusting the vision. Recommit to obedience in your assignment, and watch God move!

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