The Hardest Fast

Oct 27, 2021

Over the last few days, I put my church on a fast. To date, this is the most difficult fast for everyone. And I thought, I should write about it for the blog. So, I’m going to tell you all about how it started.


Many years ago, at Kingdom Builders NY, my members were struggling. As a smaller church, with mostly family and people who knew each other, it was easy for arguments to start. My kids were arguing with each other, sibling relationships outside my family were in chaos, and it seemed like everyone was saying the wrong thing, while simultaneously taking things the wrong way!


I would pray and ask God what He thought I should do. I was a brand-new Pastor and had no idea what to do about all this infighting. I was exhausted. I just wanted everyone to get along! I had a job to do for God, and I took that seriously. I set out to find a way to make everyone get along, and I kept praying.


At first, I thought maybe splitting up the duties would work. I started putting people with complementary personalities together. I figured if they already got along, they should be fine now! I was wrong. The arguing continued. Then I got firm. I started telling people exactly what I wanted and how. I was getting results, but they still found ways to argue and fuss about what I could have meant or what the best way was to get the job done. I was devastated.


One day, in prayer God revealed to me that it was time for a fast. I was very concerned, because how would taking food from people improve their mood. I asked God many times over the next few days what else could be done, because this idea didn’t make any sense to me! He revealed to me what His plan was, and I went into the next service ready to let the church know what God showed me.


I stood in the pulpit and told them about how their constant arguing was affecting me and more importantly, how it impacts the work we do. They looked so sad, I considered not even doing the fast, but I persevered. I told them that I asked God what to do, and he said it was time for a fast. It got so quiet!


Then I introduced it to them.


The fast is called “Sweet Lips”. For the next seven days, we’re fasting from negative words to ourselves and to others. That means no complaining, no being rude to one another, no telling people off, no self-deprecating language, etc. For seven days we’re choosing to let EVERY word that leaves our mouths be sweet and filtering every thought through that filter.


No matter what day you’re reading this blog, I encourage you to try sweet lips for seven days.


Starting NOW!

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