On Your Mark...

Oct 13, 2021

In a recent episode of my show, 15, we were talking about finishing what you start and not missing the mark. It made me think about how we will go into situations unprepared, fail, and then end up frustrated or sad. The truth is, we didn’t prepare.


When we have an assignment, we jump in headfirst, not considering what it will take to get us to the desired end. There is a clear need that we plan before we start, but sometimes people of God step out on faith. When God clarifies a vision to us, He will give us instructions. Even if the instruction is to go to a place, and wait for the next instruction, He won’t just send us out unprepared. In His initial acquisition of the disciples, he told them exactly what they needed for the journey ahead. He will tell us the same!


The Bible tells us to run the race set before us with patience. How can you do that if you’re unprepared and fumbling? You can’t! When we were kids, before we raced outside, we’d say where we were racing to. We’d then form a line and say ok this is where we’re going to start, and we’ll race from point A to point B.  


There was always a child that was watching to start and end the race. When we had established the rules and formed the line, the first thing he said was “On your mark!” and we’d all move into position to start running. Children who were unprepared always seemed to come in last! The positions we took weren’t always the same, it was based on our personal experience in running and what worked best for us. What does your mark look like?


The very best position for a believer beginning any assignment is prayer. When you lead with prayer, you open the conversation with God to receive the instructions that you need to complete the assignment. So often we hear God tell us to do something and rush to get it done, thinking about how obedient we are for completing the assignment or the rewards that come with obedience. We never stop to consider how God wants things accomplished. Everything we do as believers is about the how. It’s not what you did, it’s how you did it. Without God’s complete instructions, we may miss a step or incorrectly interpret His ask.


We want to walk boldly in our assignments. We want everything we do to be manifest with the power and authority of God. In my book “If There Is No Power, There Is No Prayer”, we discuss strategies to infuse your prayer life with power, in turn making everything you do more powerful!


As you walk into your next assignment, we want you to be confident that not only will you reach the desired end, but that you are graced to do it!


On Your Mark!

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