Oct 19, 2021

Our final installment for this blog series is the word “Go”. We talked about being on your mark and getting set. The next word is “Go”. We see the action of going a lot in the Bible. When Jesus sent his disciples out, he told them to “Go”. Well, what does go mean?


Go is a verb. A verb means that there’s action to it. It means “to move from one place to another; travel” or “leave; depart”. In racing, when it’s time to go, you are headed toward the finish line. The ability to go is not dependent on how you use your time getting on your mark and getting set. When it’s time, it’s time.


Similarly, with assignments God gives us, we must be ready to proceed at a moment’s notice. We may spend time in prayer to get prepared, but ultimately, we should be on our marks and set, so that when the time comes to put action into our assignment, we can quickly and easily go.


“Go” is so important, because how often do we do everything required to get prepared, but never actually move forward. How many books are unwritten, businesses not started? How many songs are unsung, or ministries unopened, because we’ve been in preparation mode with no movement.


We want the promise. We want the manifestation. We want the prophecies fulfilled. We make requests to God for more, greater. We speak generational wealth over our families, we prophesy global ministries. We fast and pray for God to open the floodgates. We even say we’re ready to move, but when it’s time to go, we don’t.


Underestimating the power of simply “going” is easy to do. Since we don’t know what the journey is, we invest time and energy in preparing for the worst possible outcomes. We think about what we can do to mitigate obstacles, instead of trusting the process. If God sends you, you can go with ease, knowing your needs will be met and that you will overcome because He won’t send you out with no support.


We’re at a great place in the year to assess what successes we’ve had in our assignments and where there’s room to make some changes. Is there something you’ve prepared for, but haven’t moved on? Are you feeling the urge to complete an assignment God has given?


Don’t look for any more signs.


This is the sign.



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