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Oct 07, 2021

As many of you know by now, my assignment in the Apostolic is making sure everyone knows who they are and how to function in their roles to complete their assignments! In this pandemic, I realized that now more than ever, people need resources. Five-Fold teams are global and there should always be a way to learn more and grow, no matter the state of the world.


Initially, I started with books. I wrote The Power of The Five-Fold: For the Perfecting of the Saints. God gave me a vision likening five-fold teams to a basketball team. I spent time researching, making sure everything made sense and was able to be conveyed to readers of all ages. Initially, it wasn’t received the way I hoped, and the book sold in niche areas, in smaller quantities. I decided to trust God’s plan for my assignment and continued to execute.


I wrote more books on various subjects, that you can check out. Due to my obedience, God was pouring into me. I kept writing! I would speak in different regions and make an impact with my mission, reinforcing my assignment. I then realized this book needed to be in other languages. Now my very first book is in 3 languages (and counting) and is used internationally to teach five-fold ministry. While I may never be able to step foot in every area, this book, a resource can go farther faster!


Since I wrote and self-published all my books, I was then able to help my network leaders, partners, and friends self-publish their own creations! Armed with this knowledge, I’ve helped over 50 resources hit the digital space to educate, empower, and encourage believers. Manuals, workbooks, biographies, devotionals, and more have entered the Kingdom to help every believer find resources for their toolkit!


Your toolkit is equipped with whatever you need to help you grow and keep you sharpened. A quick way to see what you may need to bring to the Kingdom is to look in your toolkit and see what’s missing! Are you wishing in this moment there was a certain type of book on a particular subject? Maybe it’s for you to write!


When God places something on your heart, most times he wants you to solve the issue. Whatever is in your spirit can empower others and help them succeed. If you need my help, my team and I are here to help. Just drop us a line and you can join our writing clinics or get a consult with one of our editors. You are not alone in this process.


What resource has God told you to create?

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