Commit to the Covenant

Sep 29, 2021

In an episode of my online show, 15, we discussed God’s covenant as detailed in Genesis 17:15-17. 18:1-9. We see what the promise is, we get excited, and we want to receive it right away! We know God’s promises are sure, and we stand on that word, but what about our part?


A covenant is an agreement. It literally is two or more parties agreeing to do something that will benefit in some way, shape, or form. In this story, God’s request was to be faithful and that every male be circumcised. He details the promises he will fulfill in multiple verses.


I find that we are so used to gifts from God, that covenants seem far-fetched. We receive from God so much that we admittedly don’t deserve, and that grows into an expectation that we can always receive something from God (or His servants) without giving anything in return.


God understands that we are people, meaning, what we can give is limited to the earthly realm. God, being a God of infinite ability to give, requests a sacrifice that is doable, and in return, releases a flood of promises to make Abraham’s entire line blessed. This generational covenant is made between God and Abraham, and if the descendants kept the covenant, God would continue to honor it.


In life, we do this with our own children. They’re already taken care of and always will be, but if they put in work with school and get great grades, we may reward them for each A. Once they get a C, they don’t receive the promise. The covenant we make is the incentive for them to try their best and to get more.


When is the last time you made a covenant? Did you fulfill your part of the agreement?


Often, we look at God’s instructions that are attached to His promise like a pro-tip. We hear, and it translates as “you should”, but truly in instances where God attaches an instruction, there is a covenant being created! “If you x, then I will y” is the formula of a basic covenant. When you agree, you must then do your part.


Sometimes, in the midst of “doing”, we get sidetracked. Life happens. God understands that. He waits for us to get on track, sending multiple reminders in the form of Prophets to let us know that in His mind the covenant is still active!


Time to take inventory. Reflect on what God has promised and see if you kept up with what He requested to execute the promise! Were you supposed to pray more? Move? Write a book? Fast? Quit your job? Give? See what areas of your life have unfulfilled promises and commit to the covenant that will bring them to manifestation.


It is Harvest Time!

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