Assigned for Assignment

Oct 01, 2021

This week, I have been thinking a lot about assignment. In Christian culture, we look at assignments primarily as our designated role. For me, God assigned me to five-fold ministry as an Apostle. I was leery at taking the designation because I was seeing it pop up a lot, but the work seemed no different than Pastor. A fruitless title for show was not what I was after.


The reason I went into ministry in the first place, was because I wanted my family to know Christ. The promise God made me was that He would save my entire family if I went… and so I did. It was an easy choice for me, in that regard. Who wouldn’t choose to obey the will of God if it meant their children would have a relationship with God?


The trouble started when Prophets and Apostles came to my ministry, telling me “God said not Pastor, but Apostle”. You can read more about that in my book. I had no idea what it meant, and to be honest, I didn’t want to know. It wasn’t until a dear Apostle informed me that I was already doing the work that I wanted to know more. So, I started to research. Guess what I found out?


Apostles are sent gifts. God calls them to plant churches and equip saints for ministry. I had opened my church, Kingdom Builders, in 2002, not even realizing that I was already heeding the call!


Apostles easily touch the other five-fold ministry gifts. They can flow easily in them, but also can teach and train others who care called to these gifts primarily. It makes it much easier when Apostles are in churches, as they are sent equipped with the vision!


My assignment to be an Apostle is different than my assignment(s) as an Apostle.


God designated me as an Apostle, so there’s nothing I need to do there, but designation comes with work! I received and continue to receive assignments from God based on who he designated me to be!


One of my biggest assignments was to create a space for leaders at any point in their journey to come and learn about five-fold ministry without having to leave their churches or join someone else’s vision. The Kingdom Builders Bible Institute is part of the fulfillment of that assignment. I wasn’t sent to just equip my members, I am sent to make sure everyone can get what they need to fulfill vision and purpose in their ministries and their lives!


During the pandemic, I felt a need to shift, as many people were now at home without the ability to assemble or attend in person. We have designed a virtual learning environment for five-fold teams to further their education live or via replay. It feels great to know I can fulfill a global assignment from anywhere in the world!


And we’re here to help you shift as well. You can see our current offerings here or contact our administrative team via the website for more details.


We even offer private classes so that your ministry team can get a customized educational experience on how they can flow within the vision God has given you with their gifts! Let us know how we can serve you.


Let’s Complete Our Assignments!

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