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Welcome to Kingdom Builders Bible Institute. KBBI is a non-denominational learning platform that fosters spiritual growth, not just for use in church, but in life as well. Featuring live and pre-recorded courses, KBBI offers a variety of class styles from boot camps to workshops and more. Take a look at our offerings and select the courses that are right for you!

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Identity Classes

Who are you? What is your purpose in the body of Christ? If you want to know, this is the course for you! In this class, you will be identified in five-fold ministry using the bestseller "The Power of the Five-Fold" by Apostle G. Marie Carroll and take a deep dive into your gift, how it functions, and how to use it!

KBBI Fall Semester '21

Our fall semester is starting soon! 4 amazing classes taught by members of our staff are open now. Bi-weekly 1-hour classes on a variety of subjects, live on Zoom. Choose your classes today!

Boot Camps and Clinics

Looking for a more intense study? Our boot camps and clinics are 2-3 hour streamlined sessions on a focused topic such as Prophecy, Dreams, Intercession, and the like. 

Be Empowered!


At KBBI, we focus on empowering and equipping. Our goal is for every student to increase their knowledge and understanding of the Bible, God's voice, and their assignment. We want all students to be empowered to take what they are learning and translate it into practical life applications they use daily.

The Destiny Center!

KBBI is committed to preparing every student to excel in their God-given assignment. We believe that a strong foundation allows students to boldly approach the next level of their destiny and unlock greater revelation and a deeper understanding of what God has called them to do. No matter which classes are taken, there is a new revelation to be received!

Are You Ready?

It's time to take the next step in your Five-Fold journey. With KBBI, you will be able to go into your assignment with education, assurance, and empowerment. Whether you're just getting started or adding to your toolkit, we are here to help make the next step your best step!

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